Spheredivers Homestay provides accomodation for Divers and Non Divers. Diving packages varies upon guests request whether to dive in Sipadan Island or hunting for small critters around Mabul and Kapalai dive sites. As for snorkelers, its all free to snorkels around Mabul Island.

They also provide Discovery Scuba and PADI/SSI Open Water courses to guests, not to mention other courses from Advanced to Dive Master courses by our most experienced Instructor(PADI/SSI) Situated in Mabul Island, Spheredivers Homestay and Scuba Diving is among the Bajau people houses who lives on stilts.

So do the homestay, maintaining the originality of the surroundings creating a similar environment to the guests. Guests form all over the world would definitely experience the culture of this island with its friendly people with a well construct diving facilities to cater for dives.

They mainly serve traditional Malay food but also offer simple western food especially for breakfast. Homestay houses* 6 Twin Sharing Rooms (Single bed)* Dining Area* Dive Centre with all Diving facilities* Sundeck Accomodation Price Divers RM 70/Night for Non Divers RM 170 + RM 70 subsequent night.