Visit Malaysia AirAsia's way

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AirAsia is Malaysia Second Airline, has wide and good domestic and South East Asia network. This itinerary is the AirAsia'way of visiting Malaysia:

Malaysia is an exciting destination - a beautiful nation, blessed with a fascinating diversity and cultures and natural wonders.

Explore Taman Negara, one of the world's oldest rainforest; feel the exhilaration of Formula One Racing, dive into the heart of the Sulu Sea and swim among turtles, tee-off at breathtaking golf courses or sail into the island paradise of Langkawi.

Be it a family vacation, romantic sojourn or backpacking holiday, Malaysia boasts endless holiday options, offering exciting and unique experiences that will keep you coming back for more!

Langkawi from RM9 one way
Renowned internationally as the archipelago of 99 tropical islands in Malaysia, Langkawi is the ultimate holiday paradise that offers modern accommodation facilities and amenities set against the natural backdrop of sun-drenched beaches and ancient rainforests.

Penang from RM9 one way
The "Pearl of the Orient" is famed for its lovely beaches, colorful history and rich potpourri of cultures. Penang is a food paradise tempts the palate with mouth-watering array of local cuisine from Assam Laksa to the famous Nasi Kandar (mixed rice).
Terengganu from RM9 one way
Terengganu is blessed with captivating island retreats of soft white sand, crystal clear waters and Giant Leatherback turtles. Boat building and traditional handicraft activities such as batik-painting and songket weaving can be observed around Kuala Terengganu

Kota Bharu from RM9 one way
The east coast state of Kota Bharu (Kelantan) is a charming destination.Watch captivating activities such as top-spinning, giant kite flying or woodcarving. Its laid-back atmosphere, rustic charm and friendly locals add to Kota Bharu's appeal.

Labuan from RM9 one way
Located off the west coast of Sabah, Labuan is a paradise for wreck diving and international deep sea fishing. The island is the site of several World War II memorials. Labuan’s duty free status allows you to shop till you drop and party all night long.

Kota Kinabalu from RM29 one way
Very scenic and a favourite destination for adventure seekers, holiday makers and even business executives. Major attractions are Mount Kinabalu, a world heritage site. Its cluster of islands, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and Sipadan, a world class diving destination, offers a wealth of eco-treasures.

Miri from RM29 one way
Miri is located Northeast of Sarawak, close to the Brunei border. It is a major tourism gateway and the jumping off point for Sarawak’s world famous National Parks including Niah Caves, Gunung Mulu and Lambir Hills. Other attractions include, Bario Highlands, mighty Baram River and a number of excellent offshore dive locations.

Kuching from RM29 one way
Kuching is an interesting city with beautiful landscaped gardens, modern amenities with old world charm, colonial buildings and the majestic Sarawak River. Kuching offers a paradise of eco-adventure especially at the Bako National Park.