Sea walking in Sabah, Malaysia

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This is pretty cool way of spending time in Sabah with your families and friends. Why not try the sea walking experience? It is better than aquarium. You actually inside the tank inside. These are what you will experience..

1. Walking Underwater for 20-30 minutes. You body won't float or tumble. You do not need to swim. Just walk slow and breath normally. Cool ha!!

2. Feeding fishes. While holding a small piece of bread in your hand and letting it go little by little, tropical fishes will be gathering around you.

3. Live living creatures at their habitat. Take picture, play with the fishes, finding Nemo and etc.. there are so much things to do..

4. Win a lottery. Once in a life time, see a live whale shark swiming passed you, or a group of dophins, or even a turtle.

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