Dusun Ranau, Sabah Malaysia

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More than half of total population in Ranau are people from the Dusun tribe. Before corporate times, the Dusun Ranau were traditionally rice farmers, rubber planters, hunters and vegetable and fruit sellers.

Both the men and women work together in planting and harvesting paddy as the main way of earning money for living. Since Mount Kinabalu, is located in Ranau, many of them also work as a mountain guides and porters. The Ranau Dusuns also celebrate the Kaamatan (Harvest) Festival in every month of May every year, just like the other dusun from the other districts.

The most popular traditional foods of Ranau Dusun are known as 'tuhau' and 'bosou'. The term 'tuhau' came from the plant that is used to make the food itself - tuhau, which is chopped and the mixed with vinegar and salt.

'Bosou' is made of rice, fish, and pangi (as the Ranau Dusun called it) and also salt. The Ranau Dusun dwelling is mostly made of wood and bamboo. The native language spoken is Dusun. Today the younger generation is conversant in Malay as well.

Medtemu is a dance performed when the Ranau Dusun meet to settle a dispute among themselves. Medtemu stands for 'a meeting to settle disputes' and this dance reflects that with stomps & barks from the dancers. Today the dance is performed during social occasions and can be seen during the Kaamantan festival.

The dance is performed to a gond beat called the siri-siri petinfuk. In this dance, the men wear a vest made of tree bark while the women dress in an intricately embroidered grament called sinambayaka.