Bukit Fraser, Malaysia

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The tranquillity, the fresh and cool mountain air and the verdant foliage has made the hill station of Bukit Fraser (Fraser's Hill) a favourite destination for nature lovers.

Located 105 km north of Kuala Lumpur and sitting at 1,524 metres above sea level, the hill station is a haven for bird watchers as it is the transitional rendezvous for migratory birds flying south to New Zealand and Australia between March and June every year, to escape from the harsh winter of Siberia.

Fraser's Hill ranks 23rd as the venue for the world's bird watching event and is on the top four list of locations for international bird race meets in Asia, coming after China, Thailand and Indonesia.


Other than migratory birds, Fraser's Hill is also host to large and hairy tropical spiders called tarantulas (theraphosidae).These arachnids face the threat of extinction, due to the general lack of concern for their survival, compounded by the callous act of either catching or mortifying them for sale as souvenirs.

Their nests are difficult to find, as they are located on mountainous terrain. These insects can grow up to 15 cm long and their bite is rather painful and poisonous. The tarantulas in Frasers Hill are mostly over 40 years old. Male tarantulas usually die after reaching sexual maturity at the age of five years.

However the female of the species have a longer life span and would lay eggs once a year, after the rainy season. The tarantula has a unique 'dual-tone' feature where the four front legs appear to have a golden tint while the four rear ones are dark blue in colour.