Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is the most essential event for the Chinese community in Malaysia. The number of attendance in Malaysia’s Chinese New Year celebration bores testimony to the religious tolerance and racial harmony prevailing among Malaysians.

Many rituals are practiced during the Chinese New Year and one of these is cleaning and placing embellishments on their houses to prepare for the big day. This is also the time when the Chinese settle their debts, offer prayers and buy new clothes and plenty of food. Most Chinese make this event an opportunity to reunite with their relatives.

A variety of cultural activities are also showcased in different venues. The different types of activities include cultural dances, Chinese opera, traditional silk ball throwing, calligraphy, calisthenics and Chinese pastry making. Chinese New Year is celebrated for fifteen days but the concentration is on the first three days. It ends with the Chap Goh Mei on the fifteenth day.

There are many great inns and hotels to stay at during the celebration of Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Some of them are Corona Inn and Wira Hotel. Corona Inn is positioned in the middle of the golden triangle hence; it is just a stroll away from the colorful and exotic Chinatown.

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