3rd Quarter events of 2008 in Malaysia

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Gawai Dayak Festival
1 June 2008
Gawai Dayak is a harvest festival celebrated by the state’s indigenous people, particularly Dayaks such as the Ibans and Bidayuh. Traditional costumes are worn and ceremonial offerings of various local traditional delicacies and ‘tuak’ (home-made rice wine) are made to the gods of rice and prosperity. This unique festivity is a ‘must-see’ occasion for local and foreign tourists alike.
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Email: stb@sarawaktourism.com
Website: www.sarawaktourism.com

23rd Sabah Dragon Boat Race 2008
15 June 2008
One of the state’s main annual events, the Sabah Dragon Boat Race has drawn international participants from Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Brunei.
Kota Kinabalu
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Fax: 6088 265 540/219 401
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Japan GT
17 June 2008 Until 22 June 2008
The high profile and most popular racing series in Japan is brought to the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. The Japan GT, an adrenalin rush competition which will draw racing enthusiasts worldwide to Malaysia. Don't misst out on the event!
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Penang Bridge Marathon 2008
22 June 2008
Take part in one of the best well-known sporting events in the country. The annual marathon will take place over the third longest bridge in the world and along the island’s scenic coastal highway.
Penang Bridge
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Fax: 604 263 1020

Fiesta San Pedro
23 June 2008 Until 29 June 2008
Fiesta San Pedro or Feast of Saint Peter is a major annual celebration for the Portuguese community in Melaka. It is celebrated with traditional games, cultural performances, food fair and best decorated boat contest.

Portuguese Settlement
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Ipoh Open International Run
6 July 2008
The 21km course is an opportunity for both participants and observers to enjoy the city’s varied landscapes and cultures.
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Rainforest World Music Festival
11 July 2008 Until 13 July 2008
Musicians from around the world gather to perform diverse ethnic music in a living museum known as Sarawak Culture Village. The festival is set to bring ardent fans of music from all corners of the world.
Sarawak Cultural Village
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Port Dickson International Triathlon 2008
12 July 2008 Until 13 July 2008
The Port Dickson International Triathlon 2008 will feature 1,000 participants from 30 countries to compete in swimming, cycling and marathon.
Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan
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Fax: 606 762 8540 / 647 0889
Email: mtpnns@sukns.gov.my
Website: www.admiralmarina.com.my

Malaysia Flora Fest 2008
18 July 2008 Until 3 August 2008
Witness splendid display of Flowers as Putrajaya transforms into a veritable paradise of breathtaking, colourful blossoms. Therned as ‘Colours of Harmony’, the event will feature Floral Parade which showcases beautifully decorated floats from nationwide and the neighbouring countries. Bazaars, competitions, exhibitions and workshops are also available.

20 July: Flora Run (Florathon) - Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur
26 July: Flora Fest Parade - Putrajaya Boulevard, Putrajaya
26–28 July: Static Display of Floats - Putrajaya
29 June - 21 July: Floral Photography Exhibtion

Putrajaya & Klang Valley
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Genting World Lion Dance Championship
18 July 2008 Until 20 July 2008
The event will be held at the Arena of Stars, venue for the one and only gathering of the world’s best lion dance troupes, competing for the coveted title of “The World Lion King”. Don’t miss the fantastic performances of acrobatics and dance.
Arena of Stars
Phone: 603 6101 1118 / 2718 1118
Website: www.genting.com.my

KL Samrah Festival 2008
18 July 2008 Until 9 August 2008
The event showcases Arabian music and concerts over at Bintang Walk to welcome the arrival fo Middle Eastern tourists to Malaysia, happening in four weekends and eight nights. Watch out for these dates!

18-19 July, 25- 26 July, 1-2 August, 8-9 August
Bintang Walk
Kuala Lumpur
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Email: mtpkl@motour.gov.my
Website: www.kualalumpur.gov.my

Perak International Skydive
19 July 2008 Until 20 July 2008
The event will feature local participants from Selangor and Kelantan as well as international professional sky divers from Singapore, Australia and United States.
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Sarawak Regatta
1 August 2008 Until 3 August 2008
The state’s expert boatmen take up their paddles to prove their prowess for the event with jet ski and kayak races to add to the fast paced action.
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Fax: 6082 243 304

Malaysia International Fireworks
15 August 2008 Until 30 August 2008
Watch the sky light up with impressive fireworks displays! The competition features various countries vying to create a grand theatre of pyrotechnics. Be part of this magical, glittering evening!
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Website: www.motour.gov.my

TM 22nd Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon 2008
23 August 2008 Until 24 August 2008
Known as ‘The World’s Toughest Mountain Race’, TM 22nd Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon 2008 is a 21 km run towards the peak of Mt. Kinabalu and descend in three hours for the Men, Women and Veteran Men categories.
Kota Kinabalu
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Fax: 6088 265 540
Email: zachary@sabahtourism.com
Website: www.sabahtourism.co

Merdeka Month Celebration
31 August 2008
The date marks a commemoration of Malaysia’s 51st year of Independence, celebrated in a joyous mood by all Malaysians. Highlights include parades, fireworks displays and much more! Join in the merriment!
Phone: 603 2615 8188 / 8888 1957
Fax: 603 2693 5884 / 8888 3904
Email: enquiries@tourism.gov.my
Website: www.tourism.gov.my

Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge
8 September 2008 Until 10 September 2008
A 'catch and release' sail fishing event to be held near the Rompin waters with mostly international participants, the events is established by the International Game Fishing Association involving worldwide media and website coverage as well as attractive cash prizes!
Phone: 609 514 1203/513 7235
Email: tioman@mytioman.com.my

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