2nd Quarter events of 2008 in Malaysia

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Genting International Jazz Festival
4 April 2008 Until 5 April 2008
Jazz enthusiasts must head to Genting Highlands for this incredible festival which promises an array of international jazz performances. Be there and have a great time!
Genting Highlands Resort
Phone: 603 6101 1118/2718 1118
Website: www.genting.com.my

Langkawi Water Festival 2008 (Malaysia Water Festival 2008)
4 April 2008 Until 6 April 2008
Langkawi Water Fest is a three-day event which promises more than 50 exciting water sports and beach games. Top prizes and lucky draws await participants and bystanders for the event.
Phone: 604 9698 080
Fax: 604 9698 8081
Email: info@tourismlangkawi.gov.my

Port Dickson International Half Marathon 2008
6 April 2008
This true grit and stamina race starts at the Admiral Marina & Leisure Club for a course of 21km to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst Malaysians whilst bringing forth new sporting talents in the state. Join in the run with your friends and have fun!
Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan
Phone: 606 765 9870/647 0888
Fax: 606 762 8540/647 0889
Email: mtpnns@sukns.gov.my
Website: www.admiralmarina.com.my

11th International Malay Archipelago Drums Festival (Invitational)
9 April 2008 Until 16 April 2008
Drums take centrestage in this fascinating event. Enjoy the rhythm of various types of drums and other traditional musical instruments from around the region. This annual festival is brought to you by 24 cultural troupes that have been specially invited from countries such as China, Indonesia, Portugal and many more.

• Dataran Pahlawan
• Mahkota Parade
• Dataran Bandaraya MBMB
Phone: 606 232 6411
Fax: 606 231 6084
Email: mderus@mbmb.gov.my
Website: www.mbmb.gov.my

15th Regatta Lepa Semporna – Water Festival
19 April 2008 Until 20 April 2008
A unique festival of the Bajau Seafarers, the 15th Regatta Lepa is a competition of the most beautiful traditional sailboats. The festival also include telematches such as tug of war, kayak race and boat racing.
Phone: 6089 781 518/6088 232 121
Fax: 6089 781 472/6088 265 540
Email: zachary@sabahtourism.com
Website: www.sabahtourism.com

Labuan International Sea Challenge (Malaysia Water Festival 2008)
19 April 2008 Until 27 April 2008
Labuan International Sea Challenge welcomes participants from around the world to join in for an amazing week of water sports.

i)Labuan International Extreme Kayak Challenge (20-21 Apr)
ii)Labuan Boat Tug-of-War (21 Apr)
iii)ROLEX IGFA International Game Fishing Tournament (22-27 Apr)
iv)Labuan Intenational Boat Race (26-27 Apr)
v)Round Island Kayak Challenge (27 Apr)
vi)Cross Channel Swimming Challenge (27 Apr)

Phone: 6087 408 744/422 622
Fax: 6087 419 622
Email: mtpl@labuantourism.com.my
Website: www.labuantourism.com.my

Penang World Music Festival
2 May 2008 Until 4 May 2008
Music lovers get to revel in a potpourri of music by well-known international and local musicians, amid the resounding rhythms of nature. Be enchanted by the festival in Penang.
Botanical Garden
Phone: 604 262 0202
Fax: 604 263 1020

Sabah Fest 2008
3 May 2008 Until 4 May 2008
The state’s most anticipated event, Sabah Fest 2008 features spectrum of cultures and traditions through dance, music fashion and food. The festival is a prelude to the Harvest Fest celebration happening statewide.
Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 6088 232 121/212 121
Fax: 6088 265 540/212 075
Email: shahira@sabahtourism.com
Website: www.sabahtourism.com
Miri International Jazz Festival 2008
9 May 2008 Until 10 May 2008
The two day event will showcase great international jazz performances in the intimacy of the Pavilion, set against the backdrop of tropical seaside & distant calls of the mighty rainforest. Be there to experience it.
Phone: 6085 434 181
Fax: 6085 434 179
Email: info@mirijazzfestival.com
Website: www.mirijazzfestival.com

Fiesta Candat Sotong Antarabangsa 2008 (International Squid Jigging)
9 May 2008 Until 11 May 2008
Pulau Redang
Phone: 609 626 2946/623 1957
Fax: 609 626 1946/622 1957

19 May 2008
The Buddhists celebrate the day with religious offerings and rituals which usually occur in Buddhist temples. Grand processions take place during the night in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Seremban, Melaka and Penang.

• Wesak Day 2008 Celebration
30 April, Melaka.

Phone: 603 2612 7600
Fax: 603 2693 5114
Email: info@heritage.gov.my
Website: www.heritage.gov.my

Colours of Malaysia 2008
24 May 2008
Get a fascinating glimpse of the Malaysian cultures, to be showcased through colourful parades and traditional performances as well as crafts. Savour the mouth-watering local delicacies and visit spectacular exhibitions happening nationwide during this time.
Phone: 603 2693 7111
Fax: 603 2694 1272
Email: info@motour.gov.my
Website: www.motour.gov.my

Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival
24 May 2008 Until 3 August 2008
Grab the opportunity to enjoy astounding discounts and special offers during Malaysia’s biggest annual sale carnival! There’s value for money for everyone out there at the countless shopping malls and stores nationwide.
Phone: 603 2698 1033
Fax: 603 2691 6122
Email: enquiry@mymegasale.com.my
Website: www.tourism.gov.my or www.mymegasale.com

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