1st Quarter events of 2008 in Malaysia

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Malaysia International Space Adventure
1 January 2008 Until 16 March 2008
Experience the wonders and excitement of a space adventure here in Malaysia. Learn about the history of space exploration or discover more about planet Mars. Take a trip in the Space Shuttle Simulator Theatre and enjoy the feeling of travelling into outer space. Don't miss this fabulous event.

Precinct 5
Phone: 603 40247009
Fax: 603 40247008
Email: MISA@adsuria.com
Website: www.misa.com.my

Gems of the World
1 January 2008 Until 30 September 2008
The world’s largest collection of natural mineral gemstones in their purest uncut forms will be featured at Genting. Witness these priceless gemstones up close!

Genting Highlands Resort
Phone: 603 6101 1118 / 2718 1118
Website: www.genting.com.my

Eye on Malaysia
1 January 2008 Until 31 August 2008
Experience a breathtaking 360 degrees panoramic view of the Kuala Lumpur city! This unforgettable ride reaches a height of 60 metres and offers a maginificient view of over 20 km of the city.

Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603 2166 1106
Fax: 603 2166 1101
Website: www.eyeonmalaysia.com.my

Malaysia International Performance Spectacular
1 January 2008 Until 31 August 2008
The Arts Festival promises to be a wonderful celebration of both Malaysian and international artists. The festival offers a unique program throughout 2008, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary giving rise to new forms and ideas. Theatrical spectacles will be created specifically for the program with over 120 artists taking part.

Phone: 603 2693 7111
Fax: 603 2691 1272
Email: info@motour.gov.my
Website: www.motour.gov.my

Sauk Sotong Langkawi 2008 (Squid Fishing Fiesta)
1 February 2008 Until 2 February 2008
The squid season is back with much bigger catch and better prizes for participants to compete in becoming the best squid catcher.

Phone: 604 969 8080
Email: info@tourismlangkawi.gov.my

Chinese New Year
7 February 2008 Until 8 February 2008
Chinese New Year is a festival celebrated for 15 days. Family reunion feasts and open houses are being organised to welcome relations and friends. “Ang Pows” or little red money packets are given out to children by the elders. Lion and Dragon dance performances are also featured to commemorate the festival.

Phone: 603 2612 7600
Fax: 603 2693 5114
Email: info@heritage.gov.my
Website: www.heritage.gov.my

Genting International Show
8 February 2008 Until 31 December 2008
The Genting International Show features a truly world class performances of illusions, acrobats, dances and showcase of exotic animals.

Genting Highlands Resort
Phone: 603 6101 1118/27181 1118
Website: www.genting.com.my

Le Tour de Langkawi 2008
9 February 2008 Until 17 February 2008
World’s finest cyclists will meet at Asia’s Le Tour de Langkawi. An action packed event that promises thrills and spills. The route starts from the idyllic island of Langkawi to Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, involving spectacular and treacherous terrain.

Email: ltdl2008@tdl.com.my
Website: www.tdl.com.my

KL Grand Prix City
1 March 2008 Until 24 March 2008
The KL Grand Prix City, held to coincide with the Petronas Malaysian F1 Grand Prix promises entertainment, exciting exhibitions and road shows besides fantastic bargains and unbelievable shopping discounts in Kuala Lumpur! Come and join the fun!

• KL GP Sale (14 - 23 March)

Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603 2617 6272
Fax: 603 2698 3819
Email: mtpkl@motour.gov.my
Website: www.kualalumpur.gov.my

Petronas Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2008
21 March 2008 Until 23 March 2008
Catch the blazing action at one of the most high-tech circuits in the world. With the extreme hot and wet conditions at the Sepang International Circuit, the skills of the world’s finest drivers will be tested to the limit! Don’t miss it, be there in Sepang!
Sepang International Circuit
Phone: 603 8778 2222
Fax: 603 8778 2227
Website: http://www.malaysiangp.com.my/

World Amateur Inter-Team Golf Championship
24 March 2008 Until 27 March 2008
This is the 15th Edition of World Amateur Inter-Team Golf Championship (WAITGC) since its inception in 2004. This event will aid in the promotion of Malaysia as a top golfing destination.

KGSAAS & Tropicana GCC
Phone: 603-5633 2079 / 603-5634 2078
Fax: 603-5632 7879
Email: waitgc@streamyx.com
Website: http://www.waitgc.com/index.html

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