Pickpocket occurs everywhere. It really dispute your holiday and I know this for fact since I was pickpocket before in Barcelona. It ruins all my plans, I lost my money and my credit cards. Luckily, I put my passport separately. So, this is some tips I gathered for travelers who are coming to Malaysia:

1. Never store your passport in a backpack or purse. Keep it on your person, preferably in the front pocket of your pants or an inside coat pocket. Passports are worth thousands of dollars on the black market, and they are your only source of identification when traveling in a foreign country.

2. Do not assume that everyone is trustworthy. It’s a sad fact, but many tourists each year are robbed because they were just too open and trusting. A bit of suspicion can go a long way. If someone you do not know walks up to you and tries to start an overly friendly conversation, beware. Talk, but be alert to your surroundings and personal belongings.

3. Don't leave your personal items unattended. Bring your purse, jacket, etc. with you when going to the restroom, a sales counter, etc. Do not expect the people around you to watch your stuff. Leaving your things at a restaurant table while you go to the restroom, for example, is just asking for someone to rob you.

4. Don't be easily distracted. Thieves often work in groups, and while one is asking you for directions, another may be stealing something from your bag.

5. Don’t be a walking target. Chatting on a cell phone or listening to music on an iPod while walking down the street or on the bus, for instance, is an invitation to pickpockets and thieves. Keep cameras and other expensive electronics out of sight - use them only when needed and keep them hidden when not in use.

6. When traveling by bus, keep your bags near you. Do not leave them in the compartment above your head or under the bus. Tourists are often robbed while they are sleeping. If you must sleep, keep your bags under your feet or on your lap. If traveling in a group, take turns napping.

7. Put expensive items, like iPods and digital cameras, in a hard-to-get place. Carry your wallet in your front pocket, and put your iPod or cell phone in an inside pocket of your backpack. Do not use the outer pockets of purses or backpacks, if possible.

8. Avoid heavily crowded areas. Pickpockets abound in areas where there are a lot of people and a lot of commotion. Take off expensive jewelry, including earrings and watches, if you enter a crowded area. Leave essentials, like ATM cards and passports, behind.

With a little extra caution, you can enjoy a worry-free, safe vacation.

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