Negeri Sembilan is well known for its rich royal custom. Although it's not widely practiced these days, it still plays an important role in everyday life. Facets of it can be seen, not only in social interaction, but also in local architecture. One such customary eminence is the Seri Menanti Palace which enthralls every visitor as they explore the history of the palace.

Seri Menanti is known as the Royal Town of Negeri Sembilan. It is located about 40km from the town of Seremban and 14 km from Kuala Pilah town. Exquisitely designed with perfect architecture and lovely crafted emblems. The beauty of the palace is evident inside and out, enticing visitors to stay longer in the palace grounds.

The palace which belonged to the Yang Di Pertuan Besar (Rulers) once is now a museum. Royal paraphernalia like clothes, equipment. crafts, beds, banquet, royal chair and more are kept in its original placement. The lovely interior shows off some beautiful furnishings covered in gold cloth and design. The palace and its surroundings are so well maintained that it doesn't even look a year older than the day it was built.

Getting There:
Driving there from Kuala Lumpur takes about an hour by car. Take the Seremban / Labu highway. You could also opt for the commuter. Take the KTM from Kuala Lumpur and stop at Seremban station. From here, you can take cab to Seri Menanti.

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