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Dear my readers,

Starting from today, I will publish a travel buddy links to all the blogs that I have encountered, forwarded, emailed etc.. It will be travel related blogs. The reason is to give more information to my readers through these quality links, so here is my first 5 links for this week:

i. Debo Hebo It is a travel site containing tips and information about traveling around the world: museums, air travel, car trips, cruises, events, hotels and more... The author is from United States, 43 years old, who is a fun loving easy going gal and very proud US Navy Mom. She love to travel and just getting away. The emphasis being on traveling safely, organized and relaxed.

ii. Around the world: Minimal stories The author is sharing some of the experiences that he had in his numerous trips around the world... his intention is to describe those places that you won’t find in any regular travel agency... he is from Dublin, Ireland.

iii. Travel Plan Idea This blog talks about travel plans & itineraries, fun vacation ideas & planning, destination reviews & guides. Frankly, the tips and ideas are pretty interesting. I don't have his bio since it is not available on his blog.

iv. Contest Info This blog is not related to travel but it is pretty interesting. It offers information on the contests that are running world wide. There are some blog writing contest too.. probably you should give it a try..

v. Everything about Istanbul This blog is authored by a friend of mine. He is 32 years old, from Istanbul. Currently, working in a multinational shipping company called Maersk Lin. His blog is similar to mine as both of us are talking about our own country. Who is the best person for you to ask regard than its citizen itself right...

If you need further information on this topic, please leave in the comment. I will revert back in the same comment column. To ensure that you don't miss any valuable travel tips to Malaysia, make sure you subscribed to our newsletter feed for FREE.