YAHOO messenger is now on browser-based. What does this mean? Users can access their accounts without needing the PC application on the machine they're using. It can be accessed at

YAHOO has launched this service in several countries including US, Brazil, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and off course Malaysia. However, the web messenger is lacking certain features such as web cam video transmission, file transfers, and voice communications.

On the other hand, Messenger for the Web has some features that the PC version doesn't have, like tabbed chat windows and the ability to save conversations on Yahoo servers, where the subscriber can access them and search their text later. Like the PC version, Messenger for the Web is compatible with Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger, so users from each service can engage in IM text chats.

"So no more reason not to contact your friends at home while you're in Malaysia. In fact, you will no longer need to buy prepaid card to call home. Just use web YAHOO messenger! Save your money for buying more souvenirs for your families & friends."

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