Roti Canai - Malaysian breakfast

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Roti Canai is a form of puffed bread served hot with curry or dhal. Tastes best when taken for breakfast or tea time. Most of Malaysian eat with the hand which accompanied by curry or dhal and washed down with strong, hot, sweet black coffee.

Roti canai or roti chennai is a dish unique to Malaysia, which has its origins lost in the Indian community of those countries. Roti means bread in Hindi (and Malay) The term 'canai' comes from 'channa', a mixture of boiled chickpeas in a spicy gravy from Northern India which it was traditionally served with.

There are many type roti canai served in Malaysia now. Roti telur, roti planta, roti sardine, roti tisu, roti bawang, roti tampal, roti banana, and many more.. even I can not remember all of them.

It is a must for you to try roti canai if you are in Malaysia. Take it with dhal or even plain if you can't stand the hot. You can see roti tisu in the video Simple Life of Malaysian. It is truly Malaysian style.

Check this recipe of how to make a roti canai here or you can find roti canai in United State at this link