I found Matt & Debs's blog through google alert. This couple is from Norfolk, Great Britain. This is what they have to say about Penang:

"We chose Penang and its’ capital George Town as a good introduction to Malaysia, mainly because of its proximity to Thailand." according to Matt & Debs
Penang is situated on the north of peninsular Malaysia. It is an island which Captain Francis Light first landed and took possession of the island for the East India Company in 1786. There are many buildings which British style architect.
"Our first impression of Malaysian hotels/guesthouses is that they may be reasonably priced, but you certainly don't get the same standard of accommodation as you do in Thailand." said Matt & Debs

"we followed the highly recommended ‘Traditional Trades and Food Trail’ getting an insight into the variety of trades brought to the island from other parts of Asia. The tradesmen in general were very friendly, especially the Joss Stick maker, ‘Songkok’ maker (Muslim headgear worn for religious and ceremonial purposes) and Rattan weaver. Special mention along the food trail has to go to the ‘Ais Tingkap’ (window sherbet)" added Matt & Debs

"In total, we spent four full days in George Town and found it to be a fascinating city with an eclectic mixture of ethnic influences. The whole city is a combination of the old and new, with old crafts still being practised alongside modern industry and huge shopping malls." summarized Matt & Debs

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  1. Jack // May 11, 2007 at 1:57 AM  

    hey can you believe it, some guy from penang be a boss and famous in indonesia.

    You malaysian rock :)