I stumbled upon a posting about Langkawi from a girl named Gitana. She was bred and born in Zurich on 28 February 1977 and have lived most of my life in a small town named Bulach which is in the 'Zurcher Unterland' in the northern part of Canton Zurich. I found her posting very real and sincere. She talked about her experience on recent visit to Langkawi.

"I arrived on Langkawi at around 11:30am after one of the worst ferry trips some people might have ever experienced. Half of the passengers if not more were vomitting because the sea was so choppy, and another few spewed up because they couldn't stand the smell. I was lucky, as I had taken a sea sickness tablet"
she started.

"We booked ourselves into Gecko's, the only budget accommodation we've heard of, and not listed in any of the travel guides I have nor the accommodation brochure we were handed out at the ferry terminal on arrival. got myself a little A-frame wooden chalet with ensuite bathroom (note this is VERY simple...but ok) for 35RM a night"
she recalled

"There's an Irish bar called Debby's Place which holds a loud welcoming ceremony everytime a new guest enters the premises, and does yummi pizzas for a reasonable price."
she added

She went for island hopping; Dayang Bunting, Singa Besar and Beras Basah. She also went to the island's Art & Cultural Center to see how hand drawn Batik is made.

"I ended up buying a fairly big wall painting of sun flowers drawn on cotton which caught my eye as soon as I entered the gallery. It's just gorgeous! You have to come and see it once I figured out where to live!"
she explained

She ended her post by "Long story cut short: Langkawi is a beautiful place!"

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