There has been so much complaints about taxi driver in Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur. It is number 2 top complaint that we received so far. Therefore, I would like to give 5 basic tips of how to avoid these kind of taxi driver:
  1. Never talk to the touts when you arrive at KLIA. There are plenty of touts that come and approach you. Excuse yourself nicely and go straight to taxi counter to buy the ticket or you can opt for KLIA express for RM35 each way.
  2. Never take the taxi that is waiting at the taxi stop especially at top tourist spots. Find a good spot beside of the road to stop a taxi. Taxi driver earn when they move around to pick passenger but not waiting for passenger. They are willing to wait in order to charge higher.
  3. Always ask the taxi driver to use the meter. If they refuse, just step out of the taxi and wait for another taxi. It is illegal to charge passenger without using the meter.
  4. Before travel using taxi in KL, make sure you check with your map; how far is your destination so you can estimate your journey. You don't want the taxi driver take you in circle before send you to your destination. Rules of thumb, anywhere in KL must not exceed RM20.
  5. All taxi drivers are compulsory to wear clean white shirt, tug in, clean taxi and display your picture, name and taxi number in front of the passenger seat. If you find it differently, just step out and wait for another taxi.

I hope these points will be able to guide you on how to avoid bad taxi driver. If you face any problem with the taxi driver, just write down the taxi number and send your complaint to our police station. They have special unit called Tourist Police to deal with this problem.

Special thank to Dosh Dosh for teaching me to be a better blogger.

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  1. adele // September 24, 2008 at 7:56 AM  

    Good tips but not easily practiced- especially if you are local (somehow the taxi drivers will be more respectful if you are a foreigner). but then again, its all individual cases