Museum tour in French & English

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A team who called themselves as Museum Volunteers Malaysia has taken a huge intiative by providing one-hour guided tour of the national museum in French and English. The tour will start at 9am every Tuesday and at 11am every Thursday, beginning next week.
The idea behind this intiative is to offer better services to the tourists since the museum is shortage of staff at this moment. Each of the volunteers proudly expressed their willingness to volunteer as they can contribute in introducing Malaysia to the world. Besides that, it will help to preserve Malaysia culture heritage. 25 volunteers received their graduation certificates from Museum Department yesterday.
The schedule for the guided tour might vary with the next batch of volunteers, depending on the languages they speak and number of volunteers. The volunteers have graduated after a series of lectures, tests and training. They will share their knowledge on variety of subjects from Peranakan and Orang Asli culture to traditional art forms.

If you need specific information on this topic, please request in the comment. I will search and revert back the answer in the same comment column.


  1. liniharun // March 29, 2008 at 2:18 AM  

    Dear Tuan Rumah,

    I am one of the Museum Volunteers and thank you for putting us in your blog. Just an update, the FREE guided tours at the Malaysia National Museum are now on Tuesdays (English and French), Thursday (English and French) and Saturdays (English only) and it all starts at 11 am. There will also be additional guiding in Malay on Saturdays during the national school holidays.