Anyone who live nearby UN Headquarter in New York and fancy for new food taste, just help yourself to the Kelantan Food Festival held here. It will open for 10-day starting from 25 April 2007. It is an event to mark the 50th anniversary of Malaysia's independence as well as its 50th anniversary of membership in the world body.

The guests were treated to some rare culinary delights, including salad of bean sprout with shrimps (kerabu taugeh dengan udang), tangy seafood soup with a dash of tumeric (sup singgang lautan), grilled chicken Kelantan-style served with herbs in rice and pickles (ayam percik, nasi kerabu dan acar), pearls of sago in Melaka palm syrup (sago gula Melaka), sweet pastries of Kelantan (aneka kuih Kelantan) and frothy Kelantan tea and coffee (teh tarik dan kopi).

Nine chefs have been flown in from Malaysia to prepare food for guests during the food festival, which will be on until May 4. Dancers from Kelantan put on a cultural performance and a fashion show "All in Songket" was staged by Zang Toi, an internationally-acclaimed fashion designer of Kelantanese descent now living in New York.

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"I'm sure Malaysian students would be very glad of having this event. At least, they have the opportunity to eat the kelatanese foods. I'm sure some of them are missing the food so much."