Kandu Cave in Gopeng Perak

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Located in Gopeng, some 20km from Ipoh, Perak, the cave and rocks are for those who have a passion or interest in natural history.
During the Palaeozoic era 570 million years ago - long before dinosaours roamed Earth - Bukit Kandu is nothing but a warm sea of corals and single-celled organisms. These complex life forms took lime from the sea to make their shells. When these creatures died, their shells made up thick masses of limestone rocks.
History first took notice of Bukit Kandu during the 1942 -1947 Japanese Occupation. Villagers at nearby Kampung Jahang still spin tales about their forefathers digging tunnels for the Japanese in return for a daily cup of rice.
When Japanese surrendered, communist guarrillas occupied the cavern in the tumultuous pre-Mederka years. Graffiti and poems glorifying Mao Zedong can still be seen on some walls.
Nomad Adventure charges RM60 per head (for a minimum of 10 people) for a guided trip into Kandu Cave. The fee includes helmets and safety gear. Prepare to fork out another RM150 if you decide to spend the night at Adeline's Place. The rate includes three meals.
Contact Detail
For a guided expedition to the cave, call Nomad Adventure at +6038024 5152 or long on to http://www.nomadadventure.com/