In conjunction with Qing Ming, Chinese in Penang will go to their depart graveyard to buy the 'gift' for their departed to use in their world. Zip-up jackets, embroidered cheongsams, suits and nyonya attire - these days, the choices of 'paper gifts' for the departed now a day.
In Georgetown, some shops selling prayer paraphernalia and also offering various types of paper footwear, ranging from clogs, high-heels to lace-up short shoes. Some of these clothes are made from high quality fabric-feel thick papers. The latest products are even fitted with real shoe laces and zips. Also available in the shops are paper mahjong sets, dice, playing card, hadphones, computers and a mini motorcycle complete with a helmet. There were also food and beverages, such as titbits, soft drinks, canned food and the 'expensive' abalone, bird nest and shark's fin.
This year, the festival falls on this coming 5 April. The Chinese usually visit the graveyard 10 days before and after Qing Ming. It is a way for filial Chinese to show their respect to their departed ancestors.