Yes, it is official. Malaysia is in the Top 10 Country to Visit in 2014. We are proud to welcome all our visitors to our country. It is an honor to have you here. 

Tourism in Malaysia is one of the main driver of our country. Thus, if we plan to make a Visit Malaysia campaign, we will do it BIG. In Malaysia, we obsess with the BIGGEST, the TALLEST, the LONGEST etc. You are rest ensured that you will have plenty exciting to do when you visit our country in 2014.

Here are 50 top events and activities specially prepared to welcome all our guest. We will start with the Grand Official Launch in January. Then, Chinese New Year Open House, definitely not to be missed. Opportunity to walk into our Chinese friends' house and discover their unique way of life celebration.

I do not want to spill too much beans. Wait for more of my posts soon.



  1. Julia Mahir // November 26, 2013 at 7:21 PM  

    Wow! Double thumbs up to all Malaysians, especially the travel bloggers, as the govt keep saying, we are the country's "duta kecil" ;D