I first read about this new service from MAS I do not really bother to search further. I thought it is just another service that is just "melepaskan batuk di tangga". Well, I was 100% wrong.
First, I found the URL is damn easy to remember, http://flymas.mobi I landed at the home page. Very simple and straight forward menu to select.
I straight to Booking flight menu. What actually impressive me is the search function for the destination. You can just type the destination, and it will automatically remember to you the close match destination to your keyword.
Another impressive function to me, is the system actually remember your last visit destination choose. I clicked to the flight status, the system straight away stated the last destination selected. So, intelligent I must say.
What can I say, MAS again and again manage to impress me. Congratulation to the management of MAS for that.


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