Malaysia products in Harrods London

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The day may come in the not-too-distant future when London’s iconic department store might be selling Malaysia’s traditional herbal Viagra, or its famed teh tarik.

Themed “Malaysian Craft at its Best,” the event will be Harrods’ biggest promotion of Malaysian arts and craft. It will be held from the third week of February until the end of March.

Malaysian celebrity shoe designer Datuk Jimmy Choo and international fashion designer Datuk Bernard Chandran are expected to join a host of British VIPs at the glitzy reception.

Twelve top models from Malaysia and London will also take part in a batik fashion show featuring the latest designs from internationally-renowned Malaysian batik designers.

A live batik painting demonstration will be held in the window display, which will be adorned with about 100 specially-designed batik lanterns.


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    Malaysian talents and products are beginning to shine there. Jimmy Choo is the role model for us.