All Muslims in Malaysia will start fasting starting from tomorrow for whole 1 month. Ramadhan is the best month for me particularly because this is the month I'm close to God. Beside fasting, there are lots of other things that are really interesting during this month. One of them the famous Ramadhan bazaars. It is seen as a great time to feast.

The Ramadhan bazaar can best be described as a trend that became a culture. Long before the fast ends at sunset, hundreds of stalls selling various foods sprout throughout the country by roadsides, fields, market places and even malls. These stalls last only through the Ramadhan and are run by temporary operators. This phenomenon, which sweeps through every nook and corner of Malaysia, is regarded as one of the most exciting annual happenings. The reason Well, each visitor will have to visit the Ramadhan bazaar for him or herself to understand the fervor it sparks off.

The scene that greets one at a bazaar is nothing short of astounding. Food in all colors, forms and aromas stimulate the senses. From Malaysia's signature dishes to hard-to-find home recipes, all of these delectable treats their ways to the tabletops of the vendors. Hundreds of dishes from every state in Malaysia can be found in just one place. From the north, the piquant 'laksa,' rich 'nasi kandar,' 'nasi lemuni' and delicious 'pasembor' tempt buyers with the very sight. More rice variations like the 'nasi dagang,' 'nasi kerabu' and grilled items like 'ikan and ayam percik' as well as the rich soupy 'laksam' are a few contributions from the east coast states. The southern state of Johor offers its famed 'nasi biryani,' 'laksa Johor,' 'mee bandung' and 'soto'. Added to this list are colorful deserts and fresh tropical fruit juices that would soothe the parched throats of the fasting community.

A few of Kuala Lumpur's top bazaars can be found in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Jalan Raja Alang, Kampung Baru and Masjid India. Although every district in the capital is awash with bazaars, these particular ones seem to stretch endlessly, making it almost impossible to browse through the whole area, let alone savor the dishes. The already famous food capital of Penang gets even busier during this period. Visit the bazaars at Gelugor and Bayan Baru and see why Penang takes the crown for cuisine excellence. In Alor Setar, Kedah, the Darul Aman Stadium is another notable bazaar location. Over the east coast at Kota Bahru, the Parit Dalam bazaar offers a delightful feast as well. Here, the fare leans towards eastern and Thai specialties.

To all Muslims, Happy fasting!

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    hi, bazar ramadhan is the best in jln tengku abdul rahman, i personally think.

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