Semenggoh Rehabitation Centre was once full of orang utan being feed by the qualified trainers. Every their feeding time, the visitors would be able to see a number of orang utan that come and eat, near to the feeding centre. The orang utan even build their nesting near to the feeding area. The visitors would be able to watch how clever this creature is. Thousand of picture and video are captured as their souvenirs.

But, now there are no many orang utan around there anymore including during the feeding time. Is it good or bad sign? I would say it is a good sign. Thank to the successful of rehabilitation programme. These orphaned or rescued primates no longer depended on humans to provide shelter and sustenance. They have begun to be self-sufficient and are able to look after themselves and their progeny independently. Therefore, it is indeed vital that we fully understand the concept of conservation and rehabilitation.

I hope that "Orang Utan" will have a promising future!

When To Go

The Semenggoh Nature Reserve opens from 8.30am until 3.45pm. While feeding hours are from 8.30am to 9am and 3pm to 3.30pm, the orang utans do not necessarily make an appearance. The feeding area is a 20-minute walk from the main entrance. Adults pay an entrance fee of RM3 while children pay half the amount.

How To Get There

Visitors opting for public transportation can take STC Bus No. 6 from Kuching. It costs RM2 one way and stops right outside the main entrance.

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