New Reality TV Show

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Based from new that I got from SCI FI Channel, they are coming out with new reality show, "Destination Truth" . It is is a weekly adventure series that invites viewers along on one man's search for the truth while investigating stories of the unexplained across the globe.

Every week, Josh Gates, a world adventurer and eager truth-seeker and his small crew of production buddies visits a different destination around the world that is home to notorious, supernatural and mysterious stories, such as the Fire Worm of Mongolia and the Chilean Chupacabra. As well as some lesser-known phenomena like the dinosaur-like creatures reported in the skies over Papua, New Guinea, a haunted village in Thailand, pontianak in Malaysia, or the wolfman of Argentina. Josh searches for evidence to either prove or debunk these stories by talking to witnesses and experts and immersing himself in the local culture.
"This is as reality as it can be. Malaysia has a lot of these stories from pontianak to toyol. Some you can still find it here. The national Museum has once exhibited evidence or stories about supernatural. Currently, central market and museum negeri sembilan at seremban are exhibiting the same stuffs. This is a good way of introducing Malaysia to the rest of the world."
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