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The dictionary was launched to mark 50th year its existence in Malaysia. It has over 50,000 references covering current English and Malay words as well as general and specialist words and terminology used in different subjects such as sports, science, technology, geography, economics, history, language, literature and culture.

There are an additional 1,000 new entries consisting mainly of ICT and science and mathematics terms, new words, phrases and expressions. It also has 330 attractive illustrations to help clarify meaning, including diagrams relating to technical subjects.

The dictionary is also user friendly with accurate translation with proverbs and idioms related to specific words to help increase the English and Malay vocabulary.

"Everyone is using 50th anniversary as a promotion gimic for their sales. For me, I buy things when it is necessary eventhough sometimes abit pricing. I bought quite a lot of things from Shanghai recently. I already plan to buy all the stuffs. They are for my kids, wife, my mum for Mother Day, my sister, my brother, my nieces, my nephews and my father in law. I hope they will like my gifts."

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