BASE Jumping off Kuala Lumpur Tower

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It has been 5 days since my last posting. I was actually not in the country. I went to Shanghai, China for company trip. I just came back last night. I am not feeling well, I got food allergy and is recovering right.

I plan to write on my experience to Shanghai comparing Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai based on my perspective. I'm compiling my information and picture right now. Make sure you come back to read on my review soon.

Before that, I found this video on BASE jumping at Kuala Lumpur Tower. It is really good. It shows a bunch of guys jumped from the top of the tower, with nice view of skyscraper of Kuala Lumpur as the background. Enjoy!

If you need more information on KL Tower, please leave it in the comment. I will revert back in the same comment column.