Send your items home easier

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DHL has just launched their latest services specially cater for tourist who visit Malaysia. Realizing that tourists shied away from purchasing too many items, due to high airline excess baggage charges, DHL has cleverly designed service to overcome the problem. The tourist express offers a service that will make it easier for tourists to send back home the items without hassle. The product offers one-price struture, with no hidden charges and door-to-door delivery service to the customers. They only need to drop off their shipment at any DHL service point outlets which are open daily including public holiday. One of the outlets is in the Central Market, top-tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur.
"I think this a good service to tourist to use. The outlet is centerly located Kuala Lumpur, near to LRT and bus station. Most of the good craft are found around central market. You do not need to carry yourself and incur high baggage fees. "