Wayang Kulit - New Beats

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Wayang kulit never looked this cool. At the recent two-night performances by Kumpulan Seri Asun Kedah, its tok dalang (or master puppeteer) Pak Majid sang songs that included Shaggy's Mr Boombastic. He used English words in the dialogue spoken by the characters and made references to the current fad in technology (SMS) and popular culture.
Held at Laman Cempaka, the open-air wooden stage located within the Istana Budaya compound in Kuala Lumpur. Some in audience had just visited the Eye on Malaysia ferris wheel a few metres away. Lured by the haunting sounds of the serunai, they made a diversion into the compound.
The group, formed in 1973 by Pak Majid's father, had performed abroad in Australia, Germany, Italy, France and other countries where the stories told were infused with modern references to appeal to audiences. For two nights at the venue, Pak Majid kept his audience entertained with fantasy / adventure tales that touched on dignity, family betrayal and self-redemption. The stories included The Magic Stick and The Disobedient Son.
All shows are held at Laman Cempaka, Istana Budaya compound, begin at 8.30pm and are free. For more information, visit their website www.istanabudaya.gov.my or call +603-4026 5553